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Is Email Marketing Really Dead?

🤔 A. Is Email Marketing Really Dead?

There are many people online these days who have made a bit of money using organic Facebook marketing, and now they’ve decided to coach others on how to do the same as well. They will tell you this:

💐 1. If you want to make good money online these days via organic Facebook marketing, then here are the steps:

✅ 1. Optimize your FB profile and FB posts to promote your offer.

✅ 2. Find a high-ticket offer that will earn you a high commission.

✅ 3. Find people on FB that you think may be interested in your offer.

✅ 4. Start to build a relationship with them, i.e. Social Networking:

         a) like, share, and comment on their posts
         b) Send them a friend request

✅ 5. Once they accept your friend request, start messaging them.

✅ 6. After they warm up to you, present your offer to them:

         a) Send them to the product creator’s offer, or
         b) Send them to the product creator’s free FB group and let them do the pitching instead.

❌ 7. Don’t worry about email marketing (i.e., list building). Just sit back, relax, and watch the dollars roll in. 🤑

This seems like a good plan when it comes to organic FB marketing. However, one very important step is missing here:

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

✅ Doing Your Own Email Marketing (i.e., List Building).

You may earn a few high-ticket commissions from their method. However, you must repeat these steps forever to continue generating sales. You will have to continue finding people on FB and risk getting banned from group owners, blocked from FB users, and even having your own FB account banned. ❌

😂 And the funny thing is, these same people telling you not to worry about building an email list, are the exact same ones you are getting emails from every week! 😂🤣🤣

💐 B. If You Want To Build An Online Business That Lasts For A Lifetime, The Only Thing You’ve Got Is Your Reputation:

You should be going into this field by helping people, not by promoting scammy and spammy offers, and not by promising “get rich quick-fix” schemes.

Help them learn all the skills required to build an evergreen online business, e.g., how to drive traffic and build an email subscriber list.

💐 C. Online Marketing Strategies Are Changing All The Time:

However, the skills you’ve learned in building a solid online business stay with you for life. The relationship you build with your loyal subscribers also lasts for life. And they will continue to buy from you over and over again.

💐 D. So, What Do You Think? Is Email Marketing Really Dead?

Or is it much easier to get sales by telling newbies desperate to make money that you do not need to build an email list or learn any skills besides repeating the steps listed in Point A above?

💐 E. If You Want To Build An Online Business That Will Stand The Test Of Time, Then Do This…

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