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My Online Business Journey

1. My Online Business Journey:

I have been dabbling with creating an online business for a long time. So many programs and techniques teach you how to build your online presence and create an online business that generates consistent passive income.

Many people who start to learn about creating an online business, i.e., newbies, suffer from the “Shiny Object Syndrome ~ SOS”. You see one program that teaches you how to make your first $1000 online, and you jump into that program with great enthusiasm. Two days later, you hit a roadblock, e.g., you need to subscribe to an email marketing service provider, such as Aweber or GetResponse. I have used both of these before, and I highly recommend both of them.

2. What Program Am I Following:

I have decided to follow John Thornhill’s “Partnership to Success” program. I will be posting what I am learning from the program regularly. If you would like to join me in creating your own online empire, click on this link to learn more about his program, and if you decide to purchase it, we can go through this together. Contact me, or post your comments below my posts as you follow along.

3. My Content Management System:

I am using WordPress as my CMS (content management system) to build this website. The theme I am using is Optimize Press 3.0, which allows me to create web pages, build product funnels, create membership websites, etc. The main reason I am using Optimize Press 3.0 is to build product funnels to first help me collect an email list of subscribers interested in my information and products. Secondly, to promote other useful related information and products in the future to them as well.

4. The WordPress Theme I Am Using:

If you would like to build an online business and create your product funnel, I highly recommend you purchase the Optimize Press 3.0 theme as well. Click on this link to learn more about Optimize Press 3.0.

5. Join Me On This Exciting Online Business Journey!

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