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1. What is the “Simple Traffic Solutions” Program About?

You’ve guessed it! This is one of John Thornhill’s flagship programs teaching you all the best resources on driving traffic on the internet, whether it’s to your website, your squeeze page (aka landing page), or your product purchase page, etc.

2. Why am I Going Through this Program?

Driving traffic is such a crucial component of having a successful online business. You’ve probably heard of the saying “Location, Location, Location”. It’s useless having the best store in the world unless people know about it.

Same thing with your website. You can build the most informative, beautiful website, but no one will visit it unless they know of its existence. Almost every business these days have a website, so how do you get yours noticed in the online space? By driving traffic to your website.

This program will teach you various methods of driving traffic, i.e., online visitors, to your website. I will post the main points I’ve learned from each lesson of this program, so be sure to subscribe to my website and visit it regularly.

I am thinking of creating a product on how to drive traffic to your website and offer. That’s why I’m going through this program to learn about all the various methods of driving traffic.

3. What Will You Learn From This Program?

You will learn the various methods of driving online traffic to your website, squeeze page, and purchase page.

These are the main topics that will be covered in this program in alphabetical order:

A. Ad Swaps: Link

B. Article Marketing: Link

C. Blog Hopping: Link

D. Blogging: Link

E. Free Reports: Link

F. Facebook Groups: Link

G. Forums: Link

H. Joint Ventures: Link

I. Guest Blogging:

J. Integration Marketing:

K. Signatures:

L. Social Networking:


N. Viral Marketing:

O. Video Marketing:

P. Word of Mouth:

4. Who Should Go Through This Program?

Anyone who wants to start money online should go through this program. Whether you’re an internet marketing expert or a newbie, you can definitely learn a thing or two (and more) from this program.

I am so excited to go through everything I learn in this program with you! Please subscribe and comment as we take this journey together!

5. What to Do Next?

I’m following John Thornhill’s “Partnership to Success” program, which teaches you a step-by-step process on how to build your own successful online business. I want to specialize in the “Increase Internet Traffic” niche, so I’m learning everything about “Internet Traffic”. If you want to build your own online business empire, join his “Partnership to Success” program and follow me! 😃