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Partnership to Success Product Creation Fundamentals

1. My Thoughts:

Yay! I’m onto Phase 3 now, of John’s “Partnership to Success” program, and will be learning the fundamentals of creating a product.

I have decided to specialize in the “Traffic Generation” niche. Just as “Location, Location, Location” is one of the most important factors in building a successful brick-and-mortar business, “Traffic, Traffic, Traffic” is one of the most important factors in building a successful online business.

I want to learn every method of generating online traffic, which includes both free and paid ones. Since there are many newbies out there, like myself, who are just starting to learn how to build an online business with limited financial resources, I plan on creating my first product based on methods to generate free traffic to one’s website and offers.

2. What Have I Learned So Far?

I am starting to learn all that I can regarding online traffic generation methods. I’ve started with another one of John Thornhill’s flagship programs, called “Simple Traffic Solutions,” and am blogging about what I’ve learned through each step of this program.

3. My Progress:

A. Day 16 – Name Your Product:

  • John provided many useful information on how to have a good name for your product.
  • I’ve decided to create a product teaching people how to generate free traffic online to your website and your offers.
  • I went through today’s training and decided on 4 product names and emailed support to see what they think is the best one to use.
  • This is another thing I love about John’s “Partnership to Success” program. He works with people who are very knowledgeable and trustworthy in the Internet Marketing field. John personally responded back to my message and offered his advice on which product name he likes the most.
  • I’ve decided to call my product name “Free Traffic Domination“.

B. Day 17 – Product Creation Prep:

  • John went through the step-by-step process on how to purchase the domain name (i.e. website name) for your product, which, in my case, is “Free Traffic Domination”.
  • I purchased the domain name to host my training program on generating free traffic.
  • I have not yet started to build that website yet but will do so as I follow along with this Partnership to Success program. Follow along with me and watch that website turn into a fully operational one step-by-step! 😃
  • It went by a lot faster this time since the steps are similar to the beginning when I first purchased my blog

C. Day 18 – Creating PDFs:

  • John showed us today on how to create a pdf document.
  • I personally use Google Docs since it is easy to use and is free.
  • You can create your document using Google Docs and then with one easy step, convert it into a pdf document.

D. Day 19 – Creating Audio:

  • John showed us some audio recording software to choose from, whether you’re using Windows PC or a Mac.
  • Our homework today is to practice recording some audio tracks.

E. Day 20 – Creating Video:

  • John showed us some video recording and production software to choose from, whether you’re using Windows PC or a Mac.
  • He also showed us how to use the aspect ratio calculator to make sure that our videos look correct on web pages.

F. Day 21 – Creating Simple Presentations:

  • John showed us some presentation creation software to choose from, whether you’re using Windows PC or a Mac.
  • Our homework today is to practice creating a simple presentation.

G. Day 22 – Prepare to Start Product Creation:

  • John showed us Mind Maps of his products, as an example of how to create our own Mind Map for the product we’re about to create.

4. Resources:

Please click on the links below if you would like to purchase these resources and follow along with my journey. Please note that they are my affiliate links. If you purchase any of these resources using my affiliate links, then I will earn a commission so that I can feed myself, and I will be very thankful to you. 😃 You will not be paying extra for using my affiliate links. Thank you in advance! 🙏

A. John Thornhill’s “Partnership to Success” Coaching Program: Link

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E. John Thornhill’s “Ambassador” Program: Link – “Earn While You Learn”

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5. Join Me!

  • Join my mentor, John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success program, which teaches you step-by-step of how to build your own successful online business, and follow along with me. Post your comments below on your progress as well.

Partnership to Success Program by John Thornhill
Partnership to Success Program by John Thornhill