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Affiliate Marketing Step 6 - Leverage Social Media and Monetize Your Content

🌺  Hi Everyone! Today I will talk about Step 6 in Affiliate Marketing, which is to leverage social media and monetize your content.

Table of Contents

A. Affiliate Marketing Step 6: Leverage Social Media and Monetize Your Content Video:

Affiliate Marketing Step 6 – Leverage Social Media and Monetize Your Content

B. Script to Affiliate Marketing Step 6 – Leverage Social Media and Monetize Your Content:

😃 Hi Everyone! Today, I’m going to talk about the 6th step in Affiliate Marketing, and that is to leverage social media & monetize your content.

💐 1. Why use social media for your affiliate marketing online business? Here are some stats on how many active users there are in the major social media platforms:

✅ a. Over 2 Billion users visit Facebook every day.

✅ b. Over 500 Million users visit Instagram every day.

✅ c. Over 500 Million users visit TikTok every day.

✅ d. Over 130 Millions users visit LinkedIn every day.

✅ e. Over 120 Million users visit YouTube every day.

💐 2. You want to be on social media to build trust and authenticity with your audience. Only after that can you start to drive traffic to your blog and share affiliate links. People will buy from people & brands that they like, trust and can relate to.

💐 3. If you are time-constraint, then instead of focusing on creating fancy graphics, amazing videos, and posting on all social channels every day,

✅ a. pick just one or two social channels,

✅ b. produce authentic content that reflects your personality and character,

and ✅ c. repurpose your blog posts to post on your social media channels.

✅ d. Videos tend to attract a greater audience.

✅ e. The best content to post is UGC, which stands for User-generated content. These are original images and videos that you produce yourself. They are more engaging than branded images/videos, and generate more trust from your audience.

💐 4. How many times should you post every week? According to a course on GetResponse, and I will post that link in the comment section below, you should post on

✅ a. Instagram 2 -3 times a week,

✅ b. TikTok 2 – 3 times a week,

and on ✅ c. LinkedIn 1 – 2 times a week.

Post on ✅ d. Facebook regularly. Try to aim for at least 5 times a week. I’ll go through this in more detail in another video post.

💐 5. Once you have built trust with your audience, you can then start to promote your affiliate links. Try the 60/20/20 rule where

✅ a. 60% is educational content,

✅ b. 20% is personal branded content, and

✅ c. 20% is affiliate link content. As you grow your audience and build more trust, you can increase your affiliate link content to 30%.

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