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How To Promote Your Offer Online

😃 Hi Everyone! John and Omar made a special presentation on promoting in Phase 2 and Phase 3 (which starts on June 26th, 2024).

You can also use this concept for any offer/product/service you want to promote online.

The key is to assemble an audience in a digital stadium. Make sure that you are talking to the right audience first.

The most money is made at the end of a product launch.

a. Remind your audience that in Phase 3, MAP will become a subscription-based membership, instead of a lifetime membership with a one-time payment.

b. Use countdown timers and highlight the deadline.

a. These are messages sent via various channels (e.g., emails and social media channels) over three days to boost sales: one on Day 1, two on Day 2, and three on Day 3.

b. Each message contains a countdown timer corresponding to the launch’s end. c. The messages get shorter and shorter as the deadline approaches.

F: Fear of Loss:

Let your audience know that there are limited bonus spots. Highlight FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), e.g., one-time payment for lifetime access to the MAP Platinum membership, where you make 75% commissions on every sale in Phase 2.

I: Indifference:

Let your audience know that it is to their benefit to join.

G: Greed:

Provide social proof. e.g., Everyone is doing it. Jump on the bandwagon. Share testimonials.

S: Sense of Urgency:

Let your audience know they may run out of time before the offer closes.

FOMO stands for the Fear Of Missing Out. For example, one-time payment for lifetime access to the Platinum membership in Phase 2.

Remember to award those bonuses to anyone who has bought from you earlier.

Phase 3 is all about list building and making recurring monthly revenue.

a. Build anticipation with sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes content.

b. Show earnings screenshots.

c. Create curiosity and excitement.

d. Mention MAP’s F@cebook group, which includes many 6-7- and 7-figure internet marketers willing to help each other.

a. Provide special bonuses for early adopters. Check out this page for bonus-creating software: Link

b. Create bonuses for each upsell.

a. Talk about features and benefits. Remember that benefits are more important to your customers than the features of your offer/product/service. Let your audience know about the benefits of joining MAP, e.g., high commissions, live training, courses, community, etc.

b. Focus on raising awareness and educating your audience at the beginning phases of a product launch.

c. Create video reviews, walk-throughs, and articles about the offer/product/service.

a. Make sure your audience joins through your affiliate link. Show them how to find the referral’s name at the bottom of the opt-in page.

b. Let your audience know that once someone joins through their affiliate link, that person is hard-coded with their affiliate ID for life.

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