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Is MapOneLink (Master Affiliate Profits) an MLM?

😃 Hi Everyone! 🌺 Today, I’m going to talk about a Frequently Asked Question:

🤔 Is MapOneLink (Master Affiliate Profits) an MLM?

Is (Master Affiliate Profits) an MLM?

⛔️ No, MAP OneLink is not an MLM due to the following three main reasons:

💐 1. MAP OneLink is an affiliate marketing business structure in which you promote the digital product called MAP, and get 75% commissions for anyone who purchases it using your MAP OneLink affiliate link.

On the other hand, MLM, or Multi-Level Marketing, is a business structure in which you build a huge team (called uplines and downlines) and make money off of anyone on your team.

💐 2. In MLM, you constantly recruit people to join your team and get rewarded for hitting certain team-size benchmarks.

In MAP Affiliate Marketing, you are an independent contractor selling MAP, which contains various training courses showing people how to build their own affiliate marketing online business.

You get rewarded a commission for selling this training course and other courses inside this ecosystem.

However, in Phase II, where we are now, you only have to pay a one-time fee to gain access to every training course inside MAP, whether now or in the future. That is why it is in your best interests to join MAP OneLink right now!

Right now, you only have to pay a one-time fee to be a Platinum member for life and get 75% commissions for promoting MAP OneLink. I

In Phase III, you must pay that same amount every year to remain a Platinum member.

The other cool thing about MAP is that the product owners will pay you a second-tier commission. Therefore, if someone you sell also decides to become an affiliate, you get awarded a small commission on their sale.

💐 3. In MLMs, you get your family and friends to join, and only the people at the top can earn a lot of money from their downlines, that is, people who join under them. The downlines will never be able to make more money than the people at the top.

In the MAP OneLink Affiliate Marketing business, the amount of money anyone can earn does not depend on how many people have joined before or after.

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