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TENS Unit Vs the MAP OneLink Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem

😃 Hi Everyone! 🌺 Happy Monday!

😃 Today, I’d like to talk about My TENS Unit vs the MAP OneLink Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem.

🤔 How is my TENS unit connected to the MAP OneLink Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem?

🌷 I use my TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) every day for my chronic neck pain.

🌼 I always use a well-known brand of TENS replacement pads, since they wear out about every 6 weeks.

🌱 I re-ordered my replacement pads a couple of weeks ago, but the snap connectors (the metal part on the replacement pad that snaps onto the back of the TENS unit) were too small, so the TENS unit kept falling off the replacement pad.

🌸 I returned the defective replacement pads and re-ordered another set.

😰 The same thing happened again! The snap connector wouldn’t snap onto the TENS unit and just kept on falling off.

🤔 Now, I started to doubt myself…

✅ ️This is a reputable brand.

✅ ️It has happened for the second time now.

✅️ Maybe the problem is with my TENS unit?

✅️ Maybe the hole at the back of my TENS unit has gotten bigger throughout the years, by me constantly snapping the replacement pads off, then back on again, every single day? 🤔

🤔 I guess I have to buy a new set of TENS unit now?

💐 I decided to give it one last try, and this time, ordered the replacement pads from another brand, just to make sure that the problem was really with my TENS unit, and not the replacement pads.

😃 And, lo and behold, it snapped on perfectly, just like before!


🤔 This got me thinking about things we do in life, in general.

🥺 You may have tried something once, and failed.

✅️ Twice, and failed,
✅️ Even five more times, and failed.
✅️ Even though you know that you’re doing the right thing.

🌹 You decided to try it one last time with another method (or brand), and woohoo! It works perfectly this time! 😃


🌷 This is the same with my affiliate marketing online business.

😰 I’ve tried so many times throughout the years and failed miserably.

💐 I finally decided to give it one last go with the MAP OneLink program, and Woohoo!

🤑 I made $2266.92 in less than 24 hours of its launch.

💰 A day later, I made a 2nd-tier commission of $94.46 without lifting a finger.

❓️ Why?

❤️ First off, I poured my heart and soul into MAP OneLink.

🌼 I told myself, this is All or Nothing. I’m going all in!

😃 Secondly, I finally found the right replacement pad (MAP OneLink program)

for my TENS unit (my affiliate marketing online business).

🥳 Woohoo!!!!


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🛑 Stop doubting yourself.

😃 If I can do it, then you can do it!

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😃 Let’s goooooo!