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The Top 3 Insider Secrets to Affiliate Marketing

🤫 Want to Know the Top 3 Insider Secrets to Affiliate Marketing? Read On, and You’ll Find Out … 😃 Also, click Here to check out this free video on how people are making over $200/day on autopilot, and to make automatic commissions for life!

A. The Top 3 Insider Secrets to Affiliate Marketing:

1. Find A Good Affiliate Offer:

a. Find offers that pay you good commissions:

Some offers will pay you 100% commission on the front end, such as the product that I will be launching soon. Stay tuned for more details… 😉

b. Find offers that pay you recurring commissions.

c. Find offers that include high-ticket offers on the back-end.

d. Find offers with a sales team to do the heavy lifting for you.

e. Find 2-tier offers:

This creates a snowball effect without you having to lift a finger.

f. Find offers with deep product lines:

This way, you can make commissions across the entire line of products. You make multiple commissions with just one sale.

g. Find offers written by 8-figure copywriters:

You want to harness the conversion power of a copy that is proven to convert well.

h. Find high-quality offers:

Only promote offers that you truly believe in.

2. Find Your Traffic Sources:

a. Decide whether you want to use Paid Traffic, or Free (Organic) Traffic:

b. Start off with using Free (Organic) Traffic:

Browse around my website for all the Free organic traffic methods. Grab your free copy of my eBook on “How to Succeed Online” as well! 😃

c. Choose a social media channel that you are already familiar with:

i. Add me as a friend on Facebook:
ii. Join my free Facebook group to learn how to build your online business:
iii. Follow me on my Facebook page:
iv. Follow me on Instagram:

3. Set Up Your System:

This step is essential in generating recurring passive income for years to come.

a. Set Up A High Converting Squeeze Page:

i. A squeeze page is also called a landing page or an opt-in page:

You persuade or “squeeze” visitors to provide their email addresses by presenting a special offer or valuable content, such as a free eBook, training program, or membership program. Click Here to check out this free video showing how people are making over $200/day on autopilot and automatic commissions for life!

b. Set Up An Autoresponder List:

i. The Money Is In the List!

You can expect to make $1/month for every subscriber on your mailing list. That means $1000 for a list of 1000 subscribers, and $10000 for a list of 10000 subscribers! 🤑 This is how you generate passive recurring income for life!

B. Modern Day Affiliate Marketing:

It is crucial to generate fast income while building your email list.

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