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Helpdesk Support Desk for Your Website

1. Why You Shouldn’t Use Email For Support:

A. Emails Can End Up in Spam:

  • Sometimes, it may not even get delivered.
  • It may end up in both your spam folder and/or your customer’s spam folder.

B. Emails Can Get Lost in the Noise:

  • It may be easy to miss reading an email.
  • You may also forget to reply to the email.

C. Email Inbox May Be Full:

D. It’s Hard to Collaborate with All Agents:

E. You Have to Search Your Inbox:

F. You May Forget to Follow Up:

  • You may read the email and intend to reply later, but then forget about it.

G. Finding Support History Can Be Difficult:

H. Email is Just Too Unreliable in Every Way:

2. Benefits of Using a Helpdesk (Support Desk):

A. Looks Way More Professional:

B. Easy to Collaborate with Agents:

C. Tickets are Stored in a Database:

D. Detailed Reporting:

E. Improved Mobility (Log in From Anywhere):

F. Customers Can Search For Solutions:

G. You Can Prioritize Workload:

H. 24/7 Support Options:

I. Complete Support History in One Place:

J. Keep Track of Agents’ Responses:

K. Live Chat System is an Option:

L. Internal Messaging with Other Agents:

M. Can Be Customized:

N. Can Add Pre-Defined Responses:

O. Can Add More Agents As You Grow:

P. Can Add Departments:

  • It is easy to learn, and you can free up your time.
  • Start by teaching staff to deal with simple things like lost passwords, payment issues, etc.
  • As your staff gains more experience, your workload will lighten, leaving you with more time to work on building your business.

3. Helpdesk (Support Desk) Installation:

  • Please note that the steps below may vary depending on your hosting provider.
  • The steps outlined here are for D9 Hosting Provider, John’s recommended hosting provider.
  • I use Hostinger, another hosting provider, that also offers an “Auto Installer” option for Hesk.
  • Please get in touch with your hosting helpdesk if you have any questions.

A. Go to Your CPanel:

B. Go to “Softaculous Software Installer”:

C. Install the Free Software “Hesk”:

  • John uses the paid software “Live Agent” for his primary website.

D. Link This to Your “Support” Tab Under Your “Menu” Options:

E. And There You Have It! :D:

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