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Why Does 98 Percent of Affiliate Marketers Fail?

Hi Everyone! A follower on my TikTok account, @helenchang100, asked me if I knew “Why 98% of Affiliate Marketers Fail?” I told him there are two main reasons as to why 98% of affiliate marketers fail.

A. “Why Does 98 Percent of Affiliate Marketers Fail?” Video:

Why Does 98 Percent of Affiliate Marketers Fail?

🌺 Hi Everyone! A follower on my TikTok account, which, by the way, is @ helenchang100, messaged me yesterday to promote his own offer. 

🌺 He decided to use “negative psychological tactics” by berating affiliate marketing, which, by the way, I do not recommend you doing. ❌️ 

🌺 Tell people how successful your offer is. Don’t do it by putting someone else’s offer down. It’s just poor taste and reflects upon you negatively. 👎

🌺 He asked me if I knew why 98% of affiliate marketers fail? Then he proceeded to tell me to find out what his offer was, that would guarantee success. 

🌺 I went on to his TikTok account and saw that he has only made one reel that’s not even talking about his offer. If someone is promoting their offer to you and is too embarrassed even to let people know what field that offer is in, then it’s most likely a scam. 😱 Stay away from those! 🏃‍♀️🏃

🌺 Back to the topic of why 98% of affiliate marketers fail:

🌺 I told him it’s because most people have the “Shiny Object Syndrome,” where they’ll get tempted by an ad promoting their success and then decide to try that out until the next shiny object appears. 🌺 The second most common reason is because they are inconsistent with their efforts.

❌ ️The grass is not greener on the other side. ✅️ The grass is greener where you consistently nurture and water it. ❌ ️If you keep jumping from one method to another, then, of course, you will not succeed. 🌺 Most affiliate marketing methods work unless it’s a scam, like that guy from TikTok. 🤓 You just need to do your due diligence, find the one that resonates with you, and stick with it. 

❌️ Also, don’t get tempted or discouraged by all these so-called “success stories” online.  ✅️ As long as you have done your homework and know that your method has been time-tested with hundreds and thousands of success stories, 👍 like the one I’m using, then you will succeed. 

❌ ️Don’t compete with others.  ✅️ Only compete with yourself.  ✅️ Make sure you are better today than yesterday, and be consistent with what you’re doing.

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